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What Is Local SEO And How Can It Help Local Business?

Local SEO has grown in recent years, especially after the considerable increase in Internet-connected smartphones. Although it has some parallels with the organic SEO, the Local has some peculiarities that make it different. These differences are especially for SMEs as they face interaction in a small and more local environment.

In fact, this type of SEO, pocketed in a given area, is designed for users who use Internet search engines to obtain relevant data according to their location. If you want to surprise your partner with a dinner at best “Japanese restaurant" Google will show those premises close to your location.

Based on the results of a digital marketing agency, four out of five people search for local information using their smartphone, two out of three venture into the results and one in three make a purchase or lead to conversion.

Also, Google has recently revealed that in the United States, one in three searches have a ‘local" motivation and 95% of users use their smartphones to locate and visit a local business, according to the area of activity.

The Google report

There is no doubt that the vast amount of data held by Google and other search engines will be used to provide users with better search results. These information has become increasingly important, depending on your search area. It is expected for Local search engine optimization to be increasingly prevalent.

How to Improve Local SEO?

For starters, it"s more practical to hire the best local SEO company. There are other tools that you can personally use such as Google My Business. Go to their website and make sure your contact information, opening hours and address are complete. Fill in the profile and do not leave empty fields. All this information will help Google better identify what your business does and create a signal that links you directly to searches users interested in your business within your area.

This is the easiest way to equip your company presence with searches and maps of the main search engine.

You"ll need to link your Google Plus to Google My Business. This page is more focused on social interaction and can display user reviews, information about the local, pictures, videos and comments.

Google My Business results have more visibility than the other profiles. You can consider it as a free marketing tool Avoid having to leave the first page of Google or perform an endless scroll down to find your company. Having a Google My Business profile lets you appear directly on the map of Google. This is true if the location of the user is within your vicinity.

When creating a Google My Business page, consider the following factors:

  • Optimize the information about your business

The title page should contain the name of the brand. Then select keywords thoroughly and indicate the exact location. All this information should have a proper presentation. You must ensure that it reads and sounds natural since the objective of search engine optimization is to optimize searches for both consumers and search engines. Don"t use a language that is too formal and be more familiar with the more common language.

  • Place your keywords in the title

Do not forget to include “restaurant" if, in fact, that"s what you want to promote. Make sure you associate your area of activity with corresponding category “Japanese Restaurant" is wiser than only “Restaurants."

  • Use the Schema Markup

Schema Markup is HTML fragment that provides additional information about your business. It serves to a position in key places the emergence of searches and achieves thus a more prominent presence.

  • Write the NAP (English name, address and phone number )

Google highly regards this information in granting authority and greater value to the websites that contain them. Information about NAP functions as a clear signal that the business interacts in society and improve the visibility of it.

  • Encourage users to leave their comment

Arguably, they are the best allies to improve the positioning of the business along with backlinks pointing directly at the business. Of course, it provides an efficient method for users to speak well of your service.

  • Create a list for each of your physical locations

Do it if you have more than one location. This will make people interested in your area of activity to find each of the premises shops, agencies, restaurants in the neighborhood or city from which they conduct their search. Also, you will increase your ballots to position yourself in the best ranking in Google.

You can also optimize the pages of your website to appear more visible in local searches. When you optimize your website, local pages is important to include the exact address and a label containing the keyword.

If you have only an address, you can also include it in the footer of the page as additional information.

Embed a map in the area “Contact Us" to your local page as it will also help Local SEO rankings.

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Tips On Choosing An SEO Company

The credibility of SEO in Jacksonville, FL can vary significantly, so how do you know who to hire? Most claim to be SEO experts nowadays, but only a handful of firms have the skills to optimize your website successfully. Here are some things to consider that will help you be better equipped to determine which SEO company will do good for your investment.

Are they a registered company?

You will spend money in exchange for a service, so buy that service from a company that has a protected brand. A full-time, professional SEO expert works under a registered company and performs their services by contract along with transparent details.

Do they have a presence in social media?

Do not just check out Facebook and Twitter; a good SEO company should also have a corporate page on Linkedin.

Do they have any knowledge of sales?

Make sure there is someone at the company that specializes in sales. The result of your SEO campaign is not about getting to page one without increasing traffic to your website and transforming it for sale.

Are they cheating?

Black Hat SEO is a way to cheat to the top using prohibited SEO methods. Some of these methods are to use an excessive amount of keywords or generate links from so-called link farms (spam sites that host hundreds of URLs). The use of Black Hat methods will help the website to be punished, sometimes irreversible. Many victims have had to buy a brand new domain name and start their SEO campaign from the start.

Is the quotation too good to be true?

When you start looking for SEO services, you will discover a vast variety of quotes. Learn the homework that cheap SEO is bad SEO. Some self-proclaimed SEO “Experts" offer affordable SEO for one or more of the following reasons:

  • They do not have enough knowledge to run a full SEO campaign.
  • They are practicing Black Hat techniques.
  • They will not spend enough time to generate meaningful results.

Do they have a good website?

The least you can expect from your SEO company is that they have a stunning site. Make sure the website has easy navigation, a contact page, good graphical quality, working links, a blog or news page that contains updated content and misspellings. This shows that the company is ready to spend time and effort on its brand.

Do they promise the first position?

If it"s yes to this question, you should turn back. No one can guarantee you get the first place on Google.

Do they have any references?

References are significant. An SEO company should be able to provide you with references from previous customers and show you examples of clients that rank high. You can also search for reviews online.

Do they submit campaign updates?

Your SEO company should be able to send you monthly reports with statistics and status of your campaign; these reports should be included in the package.

Do they offer any other services?

An excellent way to get a perspective on the expertise your potential SEO company possesses is to look at what other services they offer. It may be helpful to know if you would like to use these services in the future. The company should at least be able to provide you PPC (Pay-Per-Click) and content. They should also be able to offer web design and services in social media.

Do they offer different packages?

What you will get out of your search engine optimization in Florida is directly related to what you submit. This should be your SEO company able to tell and be able to offer a variety of packages according to your wishes.

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How To Advertise Your Moving Company On The Internet

In the virtual world, having a web page is almost as important as having a place to serve our clients is in reality. But supposedly we already have the website and can give you many benefits especially in interacting with your customers. Let us discuss more the advantage you can get when you have your moving company website. Through a website, your clients can obtain more information about your services and this doesn’t need any payment from your possible customers.

Before the Internet, small businesses had only a few ways to promote their products cheaply, such as printing flyers or organizing small local events. The good thing is that today with the Internet offers much more possibilities to promote a free business, you just have to know where to start.

Sometimes you think it is necessary to have a big marketing budget to be successful, but there are free marketing tools on the same network that can help us promote a business conveniently.

A website without the right promotion is like a white elephant; it has no relevance, it does not report visits more than those who already know your services, that is to say, it is not exploited to the maximum. Now, the simplest resource would be to hire an internet marketing company or SEO company.

Social networks: Never forget the importance of interacting with the users. Your clients are the ones who will take you to the top by promoting your business, or bankruptcy by talking badly about it, create and look after your profiles in networks. Interacting, answering questions, suggestions and why not, complaints is a good way for your clients not to feel that they are dealing with someone with no face and who is interested only in selling something, regardless of the quality.

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Linkedin not only allow people to connect with friends and find entertainment, and today they have become free promotional tools that every business should take advantage of.

You can use these channels for free, but you also have payment options that allow you to place ads on a particular target, thus reaching your ads and offers directly to the places where customers spend more time: Social networks.

Youtube: It is an excellent tool for those Nocatee movers that have videos already created where they explain how to have a smooth move, and the benefits of hiring a moving company in Jacksonville, FL. With Youtube, you can promote your moving company in Jacksonville, FL, tell what you can do to make the move of every client smooth when hiring you.

Business Blog: A blog is an excellent way to keep in touch with your customers. Uploading relevant, interesting and above all current information will undoubtedly bring more audience to be interested in your company, what you offer or what are the advantages of this or that product. If you know how to manage your blog to get more customer, then it is unlikely that you cannot gain more sales in a few weeks.

A blog not only helps your company position itself among the consumer public, but it also offers you a way to connect with them directly. Always remember that one of the main keys to blogging is to maintain a regular flow of publications as often as possible. Publishing articles on other blogs or sites will also contribute to the success of your marketing efforts.

Participate in Communities Related to Your moving business

Each niche has online communities where you can take parts, such as forum membership or participation on some site – such as Yahoo Answers – where users ask questions and experts respond. Responding to users as an expert (you are surely an expert in your activity) will help you generate a stream of credibility around your business or professional activity.

At these sites you promote your business, only giving a professional response or advice to a user. Do not forget to mention your company where the context allows.

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The Importance Of Graphic Design In The Creation Of Web Pages

The graphic design of a web page is an aspect of great importance. The image transmitted by the design of a web page should make a positive impression on the visitor of the website and must capture their attention, offering an image that generates confidence in that visitor. Studies 1 show that, just as when users are willing to buy a book they tend to judge it by its cover, users tend to judge the credibility and trust that a website offers them based on aspects such as their visual design.

There are many other aspects that make a website generate a sense of trust and credibility among its visitors, such as:

The quality of the information contained on the website
The frequency with which this information is updated
The usability of the website
The loading time of the pages
The number of perceivable errors in the website (misspellings, links that do not work, etc.)

The visual aspect of a web page is another aspect to take into account to offer users a serious image and generate in them a sense of confidence towards the website. Users tend to think that if a corporate website is not of quality, the company to which it belongs will not be able to provide quality products or services.

To improve the graphic design of a corporate website, it is necessary to take care of aspects such as:

The layout of the elements within the pages of the website
The types used
The colors used
An appropriate contrast between the text and the background
The ease of reading content
The loading speed of the pages of the website

There is a clear link between credibility and the degree of trust perceived by users of a website and its graphic design in Jacksonville FL. Also, if the visual appearance of a web page makes a good impression on your visitors, it will increase the likelihood that those visitors will want to revisit that website.

So far we have named some of the aspects that need to be taken into account when creating the visual identity of a web page so that it can generate trust and credibility in its visitors. However, there are many more aspects to take into account to create a web page with a quality graphic design in Jacksonville FL that allows achieving your marketing goals that have been marked when creating such a web page.

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Examples Of Brands With Great Brand Positioning

Brand positioning is a powerful marketing tool that creates brand loyalty and establishes brand identity. To better understand how brand positioning works, this article will take a look at some of the companies that have been successful in this marketing strategy.


Apple has been able to develop a branding strategy based on a clear value proposition: quality, attractiveness, innovative ideas and easy to use products. Apple markets itself using that proposition and correctly transmits its values based on elegance, luxury, and exclusivity.

Your brand positioning is the basis for all your marketing actions. All the points where the brand has contact with the consumers manages to communicate it"s positioning precisely.

Apple Stores are designed to have spacious, clean, attractive and minimalist spaces. In them, the customer can test and interact with all Apple products. The website is based on an attractive design, simple and of course, its usability is perfect. Apple has managed to create a cult brand,


Coca-Cola is one of the largest soft drink companies in the world. It is not surprising that it is one of the brands with one of the strongest positions.

Coca-cola does not establish its competitive advantage in a low price, but in its positioning of the mark and the differentiation based on the perception of superior quality of its product.

The positioning of Coca-cola has associated values like happiness, joy, fun or freshness. Your communication has always worked in line with your overall strategy. In this blog will further publish different examples of marketing actions that demonstrate how you know how to position yourself perfectly. Campaigns such as “The Coca-cola side of life" contain images of friendship, sharing, happiness, etc. in all their communication actions.

As you have seen, nowadays creating a proper brand positioning is fundamental to the success of any organization.

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