What Is Local SEO And How Can It Help Local Business?

By | October 16, 2017

Local SEO has grown in recent years, especially after the considerable increase in Internet-connected smartphones. Although it has some parallels with the organic SEO, the Local has some peculiarities that make it different. These differences are especially for SMEs as they face interaction in a small and more local environment.

In fact, this type of SEO, pocketed in a given area, is designed for users who use Internet search engines to obtain relevant data according to their location. If you want to surprise your partner with a dinner at best “Japanese restaurant" Google will show those premises close to your location.

Based on the results of a digital marketing agency, four out of five peopleĀ search for local informationĀ using their smartphone, two out of three venture into the results and one in three make a purchase or lead to conversion.

Also, Google has recently revealed that in the United States, one in three searches have a ‘local" motivation and 95% of users use their smartphones to locate and visit a local business, according to the area of activity.

The Google report

There is no doubt that the vast amount of data held by Google and other search engines will be used to provide users with better search results. These information has become increasingly important, depending on your search area. It is expected for Local search engine optimization to be increasingly prevalent.

How to Improve Local SEO?

For starters, it"s more practical to hire the best local SEO company. There are other tools that you can personally use such as Google My Business. Go to their website and make sure your contact information, opening hours and address are complete. Fill in the profile and do not leave empty fields. All this information will help Google better identify what your business does and create a signal that links you directly to searches users interested in your business within your area.

This is the easiest way to equip your company presence with searches and maps of the main search engine.

You"ll need to link your Google Plus to Google My Business. This page is more focused on social interaction and can display user reviews, information about the local, pictures, videos and comments.

Google My Business results have more visibility than the other profiles. You can consider it as a free marketing tool Avoid having to leave the first page of Google or perform an endless scroll down to find your company. Having a Google My Business profile lets you appear directly on the map of Google. This is true if the location of the user is within your vicinity.

When creating a Google My Business page, consider the following factors:

  • Optimize the information about your business

The title page should contain the name of the brand. Then select keywords thoroughly and indicate the exact location. All this information should have a proper presentation. You must ensure that it reads and sounds natural since the objective of search engine optimization is to optimize searches for both consumers and search engines. Don"t use a language that is too formal and be more familiar with the more common language.

  • Place your keywords in the title

Do not forget to include “restaurant" if, in fact, that"s what you want to promote. Make sure you associate your area of activity with corresponding category “Japanese Restaurant" is wiser than only “Restaurants."

  • Use the Schema Markup

Schema Markup is HTML fragment that provides additional information about your business. It serves to a position in key places the emergence of searches and achieves thus a more prominent presence.

  • Write the NAP (English name, address and phone number )

Google highly regards this informationĀ in granting authority and greater value to the websites that contain them. Information about NAP functions as a clear signal that the business interacts in society and improve the visibility of it.

  • Encourage users to leave their comment

Arguably, they are the best allies to improve the positioning of the business along with backlinks pointing directly at the business. Of course, it provides an efficient method for users to speak well of your service.

  • Create a list for each of your physical locations

Do it if you have more than one location. This will make people interested in your area of activity to find each of the premises shops, agencies, restaurants in the neighborhood or city from which they conduct their search. Also, you will increase your ballots to position yourself in the best ranking in Google.

You can also optimize the pages of your website to appear more visible in local searches. When you optimize your website, local pages is important to include the exact address and a label containing the keyword.

If you have only an address, you can also include it in the footer of the page as additional information.

Embed a map in the area “Contact Us" to your local page as it will also help Local SEO rankings.

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